an exhaustive list of skills & services

within the world of design, i can do most of this stuff pretty well—
but trust me, i'll be straightforward about where I'm good and where i'm good enough.

{ i just don't write code. } 

logo design

brand style, typography and color palette (create or update)

infographics and icons

business cards, letterhead, electronic stationery

interior and exterior signage, banners, tablecloths

UX/UI for apps, web apps, and websites (wirefames, visuals, user flow)

hand-drawn linework illustrations and typography



squarespace websites

print vendor management

communications design: interpreting your complex idea for the end user

working late at night

presentation decks as PDF, powerpoint, or pages

editable templates for microsoft word

signage and booth graphics

bike jersey design


brochures, flyers, sales sheets, spec sheets

copywriting and editing for length and tone

drinking a lot of coffee at no charge to you

presentation-grade annual reports

combining intuition and problem-solving

graphic design instruction

garment stitching artwork and hangtags

web ads and social media graphics