how i do things

the short version

Listen & Empathize
Plan & Set Goals
Orchestrate & Meet Deadlines
Communicate & Iterate
Deliver On-Time & On-Budget

the slightly longer version

I will listen really hard, assess, empathize with your needs, establish your goals and make them my own. I'll plan things out, collect and organize all the moving pieces, communicate and orchestrate with the people who will physically create your stuff to make sure it lands on your doorstep when you need it. 

I want to finish the project with both of us happy. I want to earn your trust and keep it. I also seek your respect and ask that you earn mine as we work together as real people trying to do our best work and make a living. 

I want to define your brand and get the message across. On a budget. On a deadline. As a friendly, competent voice at the other end of the phone when things inevitably become complicated. We'll put a smile on everyone's faces by the time we're done because we're good people working to make each others' lives easier. 

Good design is truly a win for everyone.

Feeling brave?
Here's the really long version.