The Official Recovery Day Jersey

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couches kit layout_v2.png
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The Official Recovery Day Jersey


+ Limited Edition! Order before August 31, 2017 at 11:59pm CT. 

+ Features Democratic Pricing... 25 orders means all new AND past orders receive a $20 discount. Share with friends to get there together!

+ This design needs [24] more orders to reach the discount. Share away.

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This is the jersey you can save for those glorious slow-roll days where propping your feet up is part of the plan.

Limited edition.  |  Made to order.  |  Designed by Paul Halupka.  |  Produced by Hincapie Customs, a name trusted worldwide for quality and performance.

After close of the store, expect about 5-6 weeks for delivery. Your jersey is being made just for you. 

In my world, a recovery spin means a slow roll on a beautiful day, probably with a coffee stop, a chat with a good buddy or two, and ideally a gourmet donut. This is a celebration of this lovely little slice of bike culture. Make it your own. 

Whether you're a racer who loves recovery days as much as I do, or simply a rider who loves a great nap, this is the kit for you. Cool design details and a retro color palette make this a special jersey for the special-est of days. 

Introducing... The "Democratic Pricing" Model

Buying kits gets really expensive. I just want to have fun with this and get some cool designs into the world, keep my overhead low, and sell these for a fair price that helps me make a living as a freelance designer and solopreneur. (Fair enough?)

  • A design needs 10 orders minimum to get produced. If a design can't make that number within the deadline, I'll refund everyone's money.
  • If a design gets 25 orders or more, everyone gets $20 off! (What!? Tell your friends!) Existing orders will receive a partial refund.
  • Shipping is included in the continental US! (Dayum!)

About the Jersey: Features and Tech

Learn more about the features of my template, the Hincapie Customs Velocity jersey.

Jersey Sizing: Finding the Right Fit

Anecdotal evidence from a fellow cyclist: Personally, I have found that Hincapie's kits run a size smaller than what I'm used to in other brands, especially if I want a really tight-fitting race cut. I'm 6'0" and a slightly muscular 180lb, normally a Size Medium in Castelli but a Size Small in Hincapie. All my skinny roadie friends seem to order a full size smaller, too.

If a super trim race cut is not your thing, you can probably order the size you're used to from other brands. I've provided size charts from Hincapie below. 

Unfortunately, I can't offer exchanges or returns if the kit doesn't fit you like you want. So make the decision carefully, please.


Simple: No returns or exchanges. For info on the warranty, see below.

Hincapie Customs does not offer exchanges based on size because we are making these to order. There’s simply no stock on which to make an exchange, in my hands or theirs. In the future, I hope to stock a few of each size and keep them on hand. 

If you have any problems with the quality or durability of the kit, that’s something that we can help with. If you are shipped the wrong size from what you ordered, that’s also something that can be resolved and we will make that right. 

Warranty Policy

Warranty claims will be handled directly through Hincapie Customs. Basically, if you wear and wash your kit a lot, and it shows, that’s normal. If something comes unstitched or a zipper breaks after normal use, that’s something we can work out.

Order Turnaround

Once the order is completed, Hincapie delivers in 5-6 weeks. Products ship directly to your door. You’ll get a confirmation email with tracking info as the product is shipped to you directly from Colombia. 


Ethics & Worker Rights

Hincapie is a family-owned business who produces their products in excellent conditions at the family-run factory in Medellin, Colombia, with workers who choose to be there and are treated like family.